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MAGE: pocky day 11-11
esse please!

From… !

kicks aelia into a trench and blows her up i wanted to do this with lots of different mage kids but haha animation sucks
MAGE: madoka meme
clickity, it moves!


The witch of the rain. Her nature is to mourn.

She liked to protect a great many things. But what was left when there ceased to be something to protect? When she finds something she is fond of, she locks it in her world with her to keep it from running away. There is no suffering in her labyrinth, so it is happier there with her.

Leila: Denizens of the labyrinth. Their purpose is to bring the witch beautiful things, but all they seem to be good for is running away. They often get lost. Once in a while, the witch will throw one in her furnace. Good for nothing.

Siren: They live inside puddles with no bottom. They pull anyone who steps in one underneath the surface of the water and keep them there. It is for their own good.

The godless witch was miserably burnt to death. Gretel ran like lightning to Hansel, opened his little stable, and cried, "Hansel, we are saved. The old witch is dead."

I was walking in the woods
Just on a whim of mine,
And seeking nothing,
That was my intention.

In the shade I saw
A little flower standing
Like stars glittering
Like beautiful little eyes.

I wanted to pick it
When it spoke gently:
Should I just be picked
To wilt?

I dug it out with all
Its little roots.
To the garden I carried it
By the lovely house.

And replanted it
In this quiet spot;
Nun zweigt es immer
Und blüht so fort.
MAGE: Ari by DustBunnyThumper
so uh this is princess ariel and evidently i know what i'm doing with his character

and by evidently i mean help
Hopefully you'll humor me and give me the pleasure of meeting your kids with him /o/!

he was kind of supposed to wrecking ball in like 6 months ago but i'm so damn lazy

Name: Ari
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Mage Type: ???
Mage Item/Weapon: Silver locket
Stats: / ? / ? / ? / ? / ? /
+ Sweet foods
+ Sunny days

- Wasting time

He doesn't have an interest in many things, but by no means is he lethargic. Just a little bit lost.

Sometimes, he comes off as caring. Other times, he comes off as wildly apathetic. Not even he's sure which one is more accurate to his personality.

Info: He doesn't know much about himself yet. He's not sure he's really all that keen to, either.
He's good at a lot of things, but not really an expert at anything.
MAGE: moon princess by DustBunnyThumper
MAGE: moon princess
hi this is-- Puzzle and Dragon design of RabuRabbit's moon princess ummmm

blubbers i don't know what to say other than sorry i cant do the draw hi remi ur ocs are cute

MAGE: tessront meme by DustBunnyThumper
MAGE: tessront meme
hi my tablet died in the middle of this so i didn't finish until now but i believe it is worth 36 esse

in return for those esse you can have my hand because it doesn't work anymore anyway

uh ok they're out of order so row by row left to right
piper xiang sei piro
sion sheila fyo and noe are lesbians
sentito mich meruru
lamon and mei need to get married tarot
james pam micky
eon evelyn theo
owen lorelei cuties
percy capella
taeminnie lee hisakawa
coffee yoken jamie
adrian HK has nice legs
rehan thorell soutarou
stacy stacy jr. racquel shang
hyette cade
ora tiffany
i don't know who those people are don't look at me

Characters belong to their respective owners!

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