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Squee! :D
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Hello! I bought some of your pins at Sogen Con. I love love LOVE em!
Mon Sep 2, 2013, 2:32 PM
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Hai Thumpah bby
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.... o___q leaves
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you try too hard
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excuse me thumper rude
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we love you too thumper
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get the fuck out you guys
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do your essay. do it for america
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MAGE: moon princess by DustBunnyThumper
MAGE: moon princess
hi this is-- Puzzle and Dragon design of RabuRabbit's moon princess ummmm

blubbers i don't know what to say other than sorry i cant do the draw hi remi ur ocs are cute

MAGE: tessront meme by DustBunnyThumper
MAGE: tessront meme
hi my tablet died in the middle of this so i didn't finish until now but i believe it is worth 36 esse

in return for those esse you can have my hand because it doesn't work anymore anyway

uh ok they're out of order so row by row left to right
piper xiang sei piro
sion sheila fyo and noe are lesbians
sentito mich meruru
lamon and mei need to get married tarot
james pam micky
eon evelyn theo
owen lorelei cuties
percy capella
taeminnie lee hisakawa
coffee yoken jamie
adrian HK has nice legs
rehan thorell soutarou
stacy stacy jr. racquel shang
hyette cade
ora tiffany
i don't know who those people are don't look at me

Characters belong to their respective owners!
MAGE: welcoming festival by DustBunnyThumper
MAGE: welcoming festival
some drinks for the upcoming welcoming festival! done traditionally because my tablet is broke I MISS MY TABLET
Illegibilus: Erin Hallman by DustBunnyThumper
Illegibilus: Erin Hallman
SO SORRY :icondeadbodyplz: This is Erin! Sorry because she's gross, please bear with her (and me)!

  ☩ Name: Erin Hallman
        ☩ Age: Fifteen
        ☩ Gender: Female
        ☩ Height: 5'4"
        ☩ Weight: 100lbs / 45kg
        ☩ House: Slytherin
        ☩ Year: Fifth
        ☩ Wand Ingredients - (Same as before)
            - Core: Phoenix feather
            - Length: 12.5"
            - Wood: Elm
            - Flexibility: Rigid
        ☩ Spells:
            - Scouring Charm (Scourgify) -- [Her favorite spell. It gets used at least twice a day.]
            - Repairing Charm (Reparo) -- [She's not really the type to break things--but if she does, she certainly doesn't want to let anyone know about it--]
            - Impervius Charm (Impervius) -- [A quick solution to all her troubles with rain.]
            - Summoning Charm (Accio) -- [It looks a little less elegant to actually bend down and pick things up physically, so....] 
            - Assaulting Hex (Oppugno) -- [She rarely uses it.]
        ☩ Personality:

☩ prudent ☩  calculating ☩ competent ☩ polished ☩ rational ☩ diligent ☩ competitive ☩ critical ☩ narrow-minded ☩ perfectionistic ☩

The level of excellency to which Erin holds everyone to is the highest for herself. Often, her standard is perfection—and although this causes her to be wildly self-driven, it also results in excruciating effort on her part to excel in everything (which naturally, is pretty much impossible). Her judgements on others are often harsh and critical: she condemns the flaws of others quickly, and measures the value of an individual in their competence. She keeps the sharing of these thoughts prudent, though: Erin is vigilant with her words and rarely offers her opinion publicly without reason. It's very difficult to change her first impression of an individual for the better.

Although she possesses a level of aptitude for a wide range of things, most of her proficiency stems from diligence. She's no prodigy, but her constant perseverance tends to result in a level of artistry in a good number of fields. Erin has a tendency to steer clear of performing tasks she's less able at in public, though: she's overattentive to her image, and she dislikes being seen as incompetent in any respect. She becomes quickly suspicious and often defensive when questioned about things she has trouble with, even when those intentions are innocent or without context. It's not unusual for her to practice a spell or review a text she finds difficult well into the hours of the night, although she does this privately: after all, her greatest goal is to project an image of effortless brilliance. She becomes quickly frustrated with her own shortcomings when they arise, and if she discovers legitimate inability, she'll stay away from it completely to avoid being found out (and further cause a blow to her delicate ego).

It's difficult to earn her respect, and equally difficult to impress her. However, although she pretends to be especially unwilling to waste her time with others, she's generally happier about being included than she lets on. Despite her bravado, though, she is just a schoolkid: acceptance from others wins her over near-instantly. With a mind for only studies and success in her first four years at Hogwarts, she can't help but secretly long for friends now, even if she tries to convince herself otherwise.

        ☩ Background: High-born and high-bred, Erin is the daughter of a pair of noteworthy and equally well-bred witch and wizard Edith Hallman (a socialite and managing designer of a famous brand-name formalwear firm) and Giles Hallman (who works in foreign affairs and international relations for the Ministry of Magic). Her parents are the type for which elegance and poise is natural for, and Erin takes after them in this respect (or, as well as a fifteen-year-old can manage to): although not as cultured as her parents, she exhibits the appearance of refinement and dignity reflective of her upbringing (despite actually being pretty plucky and put plaintively, a brat).

As an only child, Erin was raised with endless care and endless praise: her parents, on the younger side, couldn't have been happier or more enthusiastic about starting a family together or providing for a lifestyle their precious daughter could blossom in—and although they've grown on in their years, they continue to take delight in placing their daughter on a pedestal. However, perhaps in her earlier years, Erin was provided far too much praise—like most pampered, spoilt children, she grew up to be nothing short of a brat.

Despite the fact that Erin respects her own family members passionately, she's less eager to offer recognition for anyone else: being held in such groundless high regard as a child planted the idea of superiority into her head. She treated others accordingly, and was quick to criticize the failures of others, particularly in fields in which she possessed aptitude. This quality hasn't changed, but has evolved to be more taciturn in nature. She hesitates to criticize aloud, but her eye for judgement is sharp and unforgiving, especially for individuals in which she detects incompetence.

However, perhaps her parent's praise worked conversely as well: as she grew older, Erin learned rapidly that their esteem wasn't always grounded. Fearing disappointing the only individuals she's formed close connections with, Erin agonizes over meeting what she imagines their expectations to be—and although her parents only provide this praise in good-nature and would never look down on her shortcomings, she fails to understand this: failing her parents is her greatest fear. Often, her head is held high as a facade. When she recognizes her own ineptitude (something that happens often), she dreads looking it in the eye.
        ☩ Family:
- Edith Hallman (39)
- Giles Hallman (42)

        ☩ Likes & Dislikes:
+ Pretty things: she's quickly drawn to things she considers pretty (animals, information, landscapes, people). She has a certain palate for charm, noblesse, and grace, and prefers refinement over most else.
+ Music: although it would seem like her tastes in music would be a little more posh, she's surprisingly not all that picky when it comes to music. Actually, she appreciates most songs regardless of their origin so long as they've a nice tune.
+ Kindness: due to her reservation in making interpersonal relationships, she tends to suspect kindness, but she's actually a relative sucker for it even when she's certain it's fake. 
+ Fashion: picked up from her mother. She has a relative knowledge of brand names and a love for nice dress and the well-dressed.
+ Praise

- Incompetence: her own, that of others. She has a low tolerance for it from anyone, especially herself.
- Dirt: being dirty, smelling dirty, other people being dirty or smelling dirty. She tends to strong-arm her way through Herbology, but the fact of the matter is that she finds sticking her hands in worm poop pretty unsavory. Her favorite charm is Scourgify for this exact reason. She doesn't like to be rained on, either—it frizzes up her hair.
- Bugs: She doesn't fear them, but she also finds these pretty unsavory: because having them around is gross so it's best to kill them, but the process of cleaning up a bug after it's been killed is pretty gross, and the thought of having to spend time catching it and setting it free in the most sanitary way possible is as much of a headache to think about as it is to waste time doing. Gross.
- Violence: It looks pretty undignified. She'd choose to solve her problems and watch others solve their problems in a much cleaner way (in a more literal sense. In terms of execution, one could be as dirty, complicated, or underhanded as they wanted to, so long as their hands wer physically  somewhat clean and she would approve to some extent--although she's really never nasty enough to be one searching for a fight).
- Praise

        ☩ Elective Classes:
            - Study of Ancient Runes
            - Arithmancy
            - Care of Magical Creatures (she takes the class with a bit of reluctance due to the less hygienic nature of the coursework, but it'd physically pain her to take only two classes for electives, simply due to her need to overachieve.)
        ☩ Extra Curricular: (Optional, no more than two)
            - Magical Theory
            - Hogwarts orchestra
        ☩ Achievements: N/A

        ☩ Extra:
* She likes to bake.
* She plays the cello.
* She has a tendency to covet the pets of others, since she doesn't have one of her own.

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eon frowny i love u eon by aeliaplz Wave, Eon! by aeliaplz Blush, Eon! by aeliaplz Smile, Eon! by aeliaplz

Hmm, Sion! by aeliaplz Think, Sion! by aeliaplz

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high school mageical by aeliaplz
MAGE: i might have a problem
das icon masterlist i
yeah i might have a problem

just submitting this for BP i'll probably add as i go

Sheila (c) hinarytea
Eon (c) LilChiisai
Sion (c) Velurie
Sei (c) MochiWaDaisuki
Lamon (c) tempurastick
Evelyn (c) saraCHU
Tarot (c) Rishrotte
Yoken (c) shuuheei
Jamie / Nikolai (c) Lo-wah
Haku (c) wakuuu



Things I draw:
❖ Flowers ❖
❖ Skies ❖
My dA is slowly turning into a flower language dictionary.

I don't always reply, but I read everything! Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to me!

❖|| commissions: [clllooooosed!] ||❖

|| ❖instagram❖ | ❖twitter❖ ||

|| kiriban: 65.5k ||
|| art trades: depends on how busy i am! ||
|| requests: FRIENDS ONLY ||

Thank you for the sub!

To-die List

Conventions my goods'll be sold at—asterisk if I'll be there in person!
❖ Fanime 2014 *
❖ Anime Expo 2014 *
❖ Sacanime Summer 2014 *
❖ Sogencon 2014
❖ Anime Detour 2014

1. Fullcolor Pairing (Sogencon)
2. Digital chibi commission for IrrerasableSin
3. Digital chibi commission for IrrerasableSin
4. Full illustration B&W commission for IrrerasableSin
5. SacAnime Commissions (2013)
6. Some AX commissions from 2013 i am so ashamed


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Hi there! I paid you in advance for a commission at Anime Expo 2014 and was hoping to get in touch with you. Although I sent you a note, I am unsure if it actually got to you or not.  Could you please message me? Thank you very much.
DustBunnyThumper Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Whoops-- Hi there! I did receive your note (sorry, I was locked out of my dA account for a while): thanks for sending it to me!
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Hello! I just came from your YouTube and would like to say that both your voice and art are amazing! :iconfangirlzplz:
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