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U-N-L-O-C-K: Kamishiro Akira the Butthead by DustBunnyThumper U-N-L-O-C-K: Kamishiro Akira the Butthead by DustBunnyThumper
DeviantID 1 - Akira Kamishiro by Akira-KamishiroMM: Akira Kamishiro by DustBunnyThumper

i also considered "akira is really anal retentive" for the title but i figured that would be inappropriate

He's five years old! how. how. Deaged back to his Eggs-Cradle years. gosh
also my computer blew up with my other app on it so i redrew it in like three hours i guess that's okay it was kind of pos anyways
...I'm a pos
it's been so long since i've drawn a thing :icondeadbodyplz: everything i do is pos please forgive my awful shading

please forgive my mistakes gosh it's almost 6 I should be in bed

>Name: Kamishiro Akira (神白明)

>Nickname: the only one that calls him aki-chan or akichii is hazuki and anyone else that calls him anything this remotely feminine will probably get an eraser thrown politely at their face

>Age: 14

>Gender: Male

>Birthday: September 27th

>Height/Weight: 169cm (5'6")/61kg (134lbs). He's tall for his age, but.. not tall enough.

>Year: 1st year

>Nationality: Japanese

>Roommate/Housemate: probably a vacuum cleaner

>Club: Art, cooking. More on the first than the latter, although he's fond of both.

>Personality: Responsible and blunt, Akira approaches situations with contained composure: but although he attempts to be civil and polite in the majority of his interactions with his peers, he has moments of surprising disparity (See: every time he sees Akifuji Hazuki). Although this composure may intimidate others, it can sometimes also make him more easily approachable--after all, amongst politeness, one can always expect a (somewhat) kind, albeit terse response--at the least, he's always reasonable, and at the best, he's eerily gentle. He's got a bit of a cold demeanor, but he means well.

He has yet to learn a way with words: in a formal setting, he can be a fluid speaker--but in the social scene, with words unrehearsed, he has a tendency to stumble here and there, when uncertain. When with those he's comfortable with, he has a sharp tongue, however--probably one that's a bit too unkind. He's generally mild-mannered, but as mentioned before, if you push his buttons ("I swear to god, if you touch my tie ONE MORE TIME I WILL SHOVE YOUR FILTHY FINGERS UP YOUR OVERLARGE NOSTRILS")---

He has a small streak of OCD: perfection is as desirable as it is necessary. Visibly, he has a strict eye for detail, making him as talented in being a tightwad as he is an artist. He has a knack for reaching over and straightening clothing and anything, really, that he finds out of place. When he dislikes someone, he has a tendency to outlet his spite with a smiling face. When he likes someone, it tends to be expressed in a frown. He does have a bit of a temper, but one that's quite difficult to access--that is, unless you're a slob.

+ He's fond of sweets. Definitely not something he'll mention to anyone, ever.
+ Clean things, neatness--he has a tendency to be a little obsessive over cleanliness.
+ Right angles. It's as true as it is embarrassing.
+ Surprisingly appreciative of artwork and music.
    > although be it reminded that he has the singing voice of a slowly tortured walrus
+ his vacuum cleaner

- A subversion of his likes, perhaps--dirt is his worst enemy.
- He's actually a tad misogynistic once in a while, and dislikes being likened to a girl--because the truth is that he does look like a girl (thank god for the boy's uniform) thanks to his softer facial features. He'll make a point of trying to come off so masculine that it seems like a caricature once in a while.
- Animals, mostly because they're unsanitary--but you know, maybe he has a soft spot for small soft things-- maybe. If they're sterilized. he'd probably be better off with a terrycloth stuffed doll
- Imperfections--and as he's come to realize, there are a lot, regardless of where he turns: both in other people, the world around him, and himself especially.
- Failure. He studies hard, so his grades should match those efforts--right? He thinks so, at least.

    >Biography: Akira currently has a single father, as his mother died during childbirth. He's also the single child of his family, and although his father tries as hard as possible to accommodate his son, he's still unable to accept the boy that "killed his wife". It's not really a conversation that's ever popped up between the two of them: after all, his father never wants Akira to feel guilty for a crime he hasn't committed. It's a discussion that has yet to be spoken, but the words are understood, even if unsaid. To cope with this, his father avoids the house by outsourcing himself on business trips--after all, Akira's of age, and therefore perfectly self-sufficient: or so goes the theory. They try to connect on an emotional level once in a while, but it's difficult. Their relationship is a little bit plastic and strained, but as genuine as the two of them can manage. It's not really a sore topic with Akira has yet to know this obviously major detail of his mother's death--and he probably won't for a while. He thinks it's weird once in a while, though. Dad's probably hiding something--he'll let it slide for now.

He currently lives alone, although his father visits over the weekends, and his aunt lives down the block from the apartment: as far as he's concerned, having the place to himself is pretty rad. It means that there's nobody but himself to make anything messy, and so long as that's intact, he figures everything's dandy. He works hard on his grades, keeping them as top-notch as humanly possible. As you might imagine, though, that means his social life amounts to a furtive romance with his feather duster.

    >Quote: "Your shirt's crooked"; "Please fix your tie"; "Your buttons are crooked", anything of the like.

Akifuji Hazuki: A "friend" from middle school years. He wants absolutely nothing to do with her because she has chip crumbs tumbling from her chin every time he looks at her and it makes him want to cry. Once, she stuffed his bag full of tampons in middle school and he had a hell of time trying to reaffirm both his gender and sexuality to the rest of the class. About 20% of the class have yet to be convinced.

> Voice: Maaya Sakamoto. i'm so sorry that it hurts.
    0:13 - 0:28

    >Extra: He's a clean freak. This much is pretty much obvious hahahaha oh god


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akkochi Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
Omf--- he's so adorable :icongtthblushplz: <3
I hope we can rp sometime :iconteyuplz: ; v ; 
xSugary-Tanx Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
He is so cute and cool :3
If he met Meiyori he would probably die xD
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Ahhaaaa he sounds adorable--:iconureshiiplz:
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OH gODDD i forgot how silky you make his hair when you shade it jeez akira are you gonna become a shampoo model cries kisses his clorox face

to this day it endlessly surprises me that he's a libra instead of a virgo due to how anal and organized virgos are, but then i remember that libras are shallow and i'm like "haha lol" 

akira you and your poor papa
you both need to fix your issues
or hazuki will become your dad
"akira son go clean your room" she says jokingly and then takes a look at his room and the smile very slowly slides off her face 
hinarytea Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the nostalgia is overwhelming
OoNekoPandaoO Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Student
His voice made me automatically like him XD
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