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January 8, 2010


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Vera's Journal//PROFILE

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 8, 2010, 3:11 AM


Name: Vera Simons
Age: 17
House: Virens
Birthday: May 30th
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'3" | 160 cm
Hobbies: Photography, making money, making money, making money, collecting cat memorabilia and hiding it where nobody will find it.
Likes: Making money, business and trade, breakfast pastries, cats.
Dislikes: Being interfered with, being confused, mildly mannered people, idealists, coffee.
Romantic Interest: It's not like it's Gaven or anything. What're you talking about?
Magic: Vera possesses a minimal amount of Eden - her competency with magic hits a near zero. The only thing she is capable of is a slight amount of divination, a skill passed down from her mother. However, unlike most fortunetellers, she is unable to see into the future - only able to replay about an hour worth of scenes of someone's past. However, she does this very rarely due to the fact that it's quite a strain on her - and because that crosses the line of privacy and ethics - even Vera (regardless of how ridiculously awful) doesn't fancy the idea of making someone replay the most secret parts of their lives on her own whim. If it had money involved in the transaction, however, she might consider it. Her divination, however, can also be triggered, depending on the situation, without her control.

Past: Vera is the daughter of a pair of aristocrats - her mother being a renown fortuneteller, and her father being a successful businessman working in separate countries- she'd always gotten what she had wanted since birth. This led to a slight lack of drive to do anything at all - given she never had to work for anything, it meant that she had absolutely no reason to strive for a goal in the future, until around the age of eight.

As she grew up, she spent more time hearing of the exploits of her ambitious father who worked overseas (whom had left for a journey when she was merely six), gaining a brightened admiration for the man and making an inward promise to herself that she would one day be just as prosperous as he, and that she would one day make him proud. Her image of her father was esteemed and glorified - and she saw him as the ultimate role model, near worshipping him out of pure and innocent adoration.

Along with the passing of years, Vera continued to work towards becoming like the idolized version of her father that she had created, studying the ways of trade and business, rather than spending her time outside socializing with any of the other children within the area. When Vera hit the age of twelve, her father came back from his business trip - bringing with him several presents for his precious daughter - of which included a multitude of dresses, small tabby kitten, and hand-crafted camera.

Overjoyed at her father's return, Vera did her best to impress the man with her extensive knowledge and interest in business. Needless to say he was pleasantly surprised (and ridiculously proud - he had always been the type to dote), but he realized over the following two years that she had long forgotten how to simply live without any distractions - her new focus aimed upon gain and fortune.

Well within her thirteenth summer, Vera had taken a dare to climb one of the tallest trees in the town while holding the cat (whom she had fondly dubbed "Cat") in her arms (hence meaning, no handholds to speak of) for a monetary prize resulting in both the death of her cat and the breaking of her right leg. Seeing this as a final straw, her parents made a decision and sent her to the prestiged Academy of Heroes the following year in hopes that she would learn that there was far more to life than fortune and fame.

Feeling that what she had done to please her (already pleased) father quite simply wasn't enough - she packed her bags to the Academy and swore to herself that she'd work for the praise which she had  been blind to, starting her career as a photographer.

Personality: Vera is a rather lazy person with things she dislikes to do - but when presented with something of interest to her, she jumps on it almost instantaneously with a firey passion. She lacks a motivation or hobby, and rarely finds things other than making money and doing business even remotely fascinating. She has a pact to herself to do things her way - and does things the way she sees fit, rather than the views and personal opinions of others. She has never been quite the type to care (or even notice, for that matter) what others seem to think of her, only seeing straight in front of her and the plowing path she plans to follow - the only things in sight being either the profit or the personal benefit.

However, this aspect of her personality can sometimes deter her from truly enjoying life as is, and she is quite reminiscent of a charging bull, only seeing the red flag in the distance and forgetting to look to the side and enjoy the scenery. Although she has a bright and daring personality, she is a bit pushy with the way she wants things to work - sometimes dragging others with her regardless of their consent or not.

Vera is actually quite the musician, despite her boisterous attitude - she can play a flourish of instruments, due to a richer upbringing. Despite being rather talented with instruments, her voice is awful (she's fatally tone-deaf). She also has a low Eden and can do literally no magic to speak of. Thanks to her parents, she has the access to a plethora of funding, although she prefers to use her own money, as she find it far easier to count on herself rather than others.

She has a strong dislike towards alcohol and those who drink it, due to her father being a heavy drinker (she dislikes the smell). Although she usually looks up to her father as both a role model and teacher, she dislikes it when his personality changes to that of a complete idiot when he becomes intoxicated. Not to mention that she herself can't hold liquor. At all.

Vera is incredibly childish when it comes to people she likes - she'll tend to throw tantrums when she feels that someone is "stealing their affection". In this term, she's almost insecure - being unused to friendships and the such, she'll be plainly put - a brat. She's also stubborn. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.

As her father is a businessman, she has been well-taught and taught herself well in the methods of trade (although not necessarily business ethics). Rarely found without a camera, she is always found taking pictures of other students (particularly the good-looking ones) and making a considerably large profit with them by selling the prints. She has gained a small reputation for this - and has an uncanny skill for stealth. It's not uncommon to wake up the next morning and realize that Vera has come in through the window to take pictures of your sleeping face.

As a person, she's not only mean - but she's scathingly so. She's the opposite of a romanticist - and sometimes disgustingly negative. She seems to take a joy in pointing out people's flaws and adding salt to wounds. She despises idealists - and won't hesitate to tell them so.

There's little a place that one can hide from Vera - she's quite creepy that way.

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